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I want to thank you for an amazing healing yesterday. You are a very gifted Channel and I'm so grateful to have met you. Feeling so great and balanced today. Thank you and will see you soon.



Just letting you know that my sleeping is nearly back to normal as from the last night that I saw you and I'm about 95% in a good space. My mind has slowed right down at bed time also. So I just want to say thank you for helping me.



Sometimes I feel drained or that I'm carrying the load from work, family and friends. After a treatment with Elycia I feel free, light and renewed; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Katrina Young Pilates Instructor

Thank you so much for the incredible session yesterday and for your wisdom and support. This info will be so helpful to the next stage of my journey. The necklace is divine and amazingly the silver disk sits right over my belly button! Love it. I look forward to coming to see you again sometime soon. In deep gratitude.



Elycia has a wonderful gift of knowing exactly how to shift my energy and bring it into alignment.  The sound of her voice along with the various instruments creates a harmonious vibration that floats over my body. I literally feel the sound waves clearing my charkas giving me a sense of balance. Being a counselor it is important to me to be grounded and clear my energy in order to be at my best, this why I receive a healing every month.  If you are feeling out of sorts I highly recommend a healing.


I took part in Elycia's healings fortnightly, and I can honestly say that I feel the change in me already. Being from a religious-based-doctrinated background it was hard for me to let go at first, however Elycia has a way of saying how it is, gets straight to the core of an issue and creates a space for you to deal with it. Refreshing and always spot on. There were so many instances I left the healing session the heck could she have known that??!! Her music is soothing, the vibe in the room is ambient and relaxing, and the tools she uses during healings are incredibly unique and grounding, as she has made them herself and a lot of love has gone into her practice. She has a deep connection with nature and with spirit which absolutely comes through in a session with her.  I always felt like she had spent time centering herself before a session too which really helped me relax.  I really feel that Elycia has a gift of healing and that this will benefit a lot of people as she shares it with them.


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